Dear My Future Wife,


Hello My Love  🙂  This is My first letter to you, I never really thought anything of writing a letter to you, My Future wife , I can`t  imagine what his thoughts were when she read those letters, Written by the hand of teenager caught up in figuring out who he was, where her place in the world belonged, and who she would one day give her heart to.

And so I am writing you this letter, Right now, at the moment in my life, I have no idea who you are ? i have no idea If  I have met you you are some  stranger I will One day Come in Contact with.  I have no idea if you life in indonesia or somewhere foreign, i have no idea if you know  ALLAH SWT (Muslimah),  Agnostic or you are an atheist.

Its exciting, Thrilling, And scary. We have not even begun our love story, yet ,and i think about you on a daily basis. I wonder what we will fight about, and what our home will be like. I wonder about the look on your face when  I walk down and said will you marry me ?   I wonder if we will fight to save our marriage if things get rocky …..  Or if we will forget the reason we fell in love  in the first place.

Do know this Dear Wife, I love you. I love you to my very core. I love the woman  you will one day be, i will walk out  to get a succes and  you my future wife, you will stand beside me and respect our relation until the day  passed away us.

I am nowhere near the man God has called me to be, I have major sins and major fault  that I need to take care of. but now , I dont think i am ready for you yet. But  i am waiting  for you and i am holding on to my romantic, Albeit naive heart, Knowing I will get it to you one day, Fully trusting you to keep it safe.


I Love you.

Your future Husband



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